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Tomorrow's Vision

Lynn Rosen - Reformer and Activist

Lynn's Kids Camp
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News & Events

Tomorrow's Vision is a book that tells teachers and students that we can help make it a better tomorrow.The proceeds of this book will be used to sponsor Lynn's Kids Foundation Camp of Sierra Leone.Please buy this book and help poor children who are locked in a world of injustices and filled with pain.On July 11 we will open the doors of the camp in Sierra Leone.Will you please buy this book and help my kids?

In addition to buying the book learn about causes and make a change.United For Action is one of my favorite causes.We act out and we let the world know that we are a part of the change.We are fighting the practice of hydraulic fracturing .This practice was started during the Bush administration.Toxic chemicals are injected in our water.Fish are dying and so are people.To learn more visit :


Tomorrow's Vision is about global hunger but hunger is not the only problem in our world.There are so many out there.Together we can and will make a difference.

A Beautiful World is a book that I wrote for United For Action.It is a book that teaches us about the process of Hydraulic Fracturing and the woes it does bring.It was self printed.It is a children's picture book and is wonderful.Our next book about fracking will be published by authorhouse.Stay tuned for instructions.If you are interested in finding out about A Beautiful World contact me.


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